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CoVal Systems is a company that is dedicated to providing the transportation community with the most reliable, comprehensive, and user-friendly software and firmware available.

Welcome to CoVal Systems

At CoVal Systems, we offer software and firmware components for any transportation system. Our scalable products can handle any workload: from a simple counting station to a critical commuter corridor and all the way to a network of fully integrated freeways.


Our team of engineers is ready to propose a solution for your next software project. Whether you are a consultant, a contractor, or an agency, challenge us to develop a scope of work, completion schedule, and budget that uniquely addresses your program needs. Remember: we guarantee a high quality product that will exceed your expectations.

CATAS now includes replay mode.

CATAS: Now with Replay Mode

The latest version of Foundation is now in development!

Foundation III Development

Learn more about CoVal’s role in ensuring the Open ran smoothly.

US Open Adopts RIMIS OpenReach

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